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What is Virtual Computing?

Computer System virtualization is the concept of separating the logical computer from the physical machine. In other words, being able to access your compute resources – files, applications, and data – without sitting directly in front of your computer. Wherever you are, you can reach your desktop and business systems just as you would sitting in your office. Cloud Technology’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides your team the highest possible flexibility for conducting business, and ensures that you are maintaining secure access to your internal resources. In this increasingly mobile world, having that level of capability for your business gives you a leg up on the competition.

The Pros of Virtualization

  • Not limited to one location for access
  • Memory and Disk Upgrades are done in minutes
  • Keeps all data under your control and not on remote devices
  • Easy user management

The Cons of Virtualization

  • No or slow internet connection, no or slow access to the Cloud
  • Large Databases do not run well in the Cloud
  • High Definition Graphics do not run well in the Cloud
  • Voice Applications do not work well in the Cloud

Virtual Computing FAQ's

Here is a few things you might like to know about Cloud Technologies Virtual Computing

How do my employees work from a Cloud Based Workstation?

Your employee can connect securely to their virtual workstation from any internet connection. Once they are connected, they will have access to the server and all of its content.

I need to print to a printer at my house from my virtual workstation. Is that possible?

Yes, our Cloud Platform will print to printers that are connected to your local workstation. If you can print from your home computer then you will be able to print from your Cloud Computer. are phased out over time.

Can Cloud Technologies manage and support my users when they are in the Cloud?

Yes, we offer Managed IT Services. We will proactively manage and monitor your Cloud environment to ensure it is working properly.

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