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Provide remote workers with reliable communications and application performance

Bigleaf optimizes any Cloud-based technology, including…


Business Communications

  • VOIP
  • UCaaS
  • CCaaS
  • Video Conferencing

Office Productivity

  • Office 365
  • Google Suite
  • Remote Desktop
  • CRM
  • IDaaS

Industry / Supply Chain

  • ERP
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources

Bigleaf Home Office


Make sure your remote team members can reliably connect to their everyday business tools, as they work from home, without worry or poor performance. Use Bigleaf Home Office to keep non-business web traffic, such as streaming video and gaming, and less reliable residential Internet connections from impacting your business communications and applications.

Bigleaf Home Office is great for home office users who rely on Internet-based phone calls, video conferences, SaaS applications like Office 365, and who connect to their corporate office using their VPN.

Based on Bigleaf’s SD-WAN technology for business sites, Bigleaf Home Office optimizes the traditional home Internet setup to auto-detect the needs of your business’ applications and existing network conditions. Then it intelligently adapts traffic in real time to ensure uninterrupted uptime and continued productivity.

Whether you are connecting one home office or several, Bigleaf makes it easy with simple on-site installation and intelligent hands-off operations to deliver high-quality and reliable Internet connectivity.




 Bigleaf delivers simple setup without requiring complex configurations. A Bigleaf edge router is sent directly to each home office, works seamlessly with the existing ISP and broadband connection, and a typical install can be plugged in without the need for specialized IT resources.


Business Applications Prioritization Over Other Household Traffic

Intelligent software automatically identifies and categorizes 100% of your traffic in and out of your home office, determining which applications require prioritization — such as Internet-based phone calls and video conferences over streaming home entertainment. Bigleaf’s software then applies bi-directional QoS in real time, all without any manual configuration. That means your most important business applications get the VIP treatment when you’re working remotely.


Redundancy and Outage Prevention

Bigleaf’s owned-and-operated Cloud-Access Gateway Network is fully redundant, with multiple core routers, servers, internet transit circuits, and core backbone circuits. All of our Points of Presence, or “POPs” connect across our dedicated backbone, so traffic between your home office and the core of the Internet is always protected. Beyond the core network, each home office with a Bigleaf router connects to multiple Bigleaf POPs at all times, for automatic geographic redundancy—delivering the best possible connectivity


Visibility & Reporting

Bigleaf unlocks the hidden data from your home offices to the Cloud. You gain access to real-time and historical data from our SD-WAN software that monitors each of your home offices’ Internet connections 10x per second. Web dashboards, performance reports and email alerts are all available to deliver the insight you need to support your remote workers.