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Having a security assessment performed once per year is a great way to protect your data and keep your users safe.

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About Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies Inc. is built with a team of Information Technology professionals dedicated to providing superior customer support and delivering savings to your bottom line. We are focused on providing solutions that will help your business grow and thrive in today’s complex IT environment. We are focused on security and delivering the best security practices to your organization.

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Our systems are designed to take a proactive approach to managing your systems. We strive to keep them up and running so they are available when you need them. Source your it services from a Birmingham based provider.

Managed IT Service Plans

Managing IT infrastructure requires a specific skillset and a dedicated budget for keeping equipment up to standards. Much consideration must also be made when it comes to security. The cost of managing all of this in house is exorbitant. By using Cloud Technologies as your Managed IT Services provider, you’ll pay a single monthly cost without the need to manage your own resources, while offsetting your security liabilities to us.


Managed Services
  • Managed Services
  • Proactive Device Management
  • Remote Support
  • Network Health Reports


Managed Services
  • Proactive Device Management
  • Remote Support
  • Network Health Reports
  • Annual Security Assessment
  • Antivirus

IT Service FAQ's

Understanding the world of technology and its ever-changing pattern can be daugnting. We want to do our best to help educate you in the area of IT security and accessibility, so we’ve put together a few of our most commonly asked questions for you to read over.

What does it mean if a virus spreads horizontally?

Once one computer is infected, it is said that it spreads horizontally when the computer seeks to infect other servers and workstations on the same network.

Why should I consider using multi factor authentication?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is an added layer of authentication for a user when they are attempting to logon to a system or application. Using MFA makes it more difficult for a system to be accessed by a hacker if a password has been guessed or compromised.

What is wrong with using the same password on all of my social media accounts?

Using the same password for all of your accounts makes it easier for you. It also makes it easier for a hacker to gain access to all of your sites if they should ever get your password. It is also easy for a hacker to guess a password if you make small changes to the passwords. An example would be to add an exclamation point at the end of the same password.

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