Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

We provide affordable and custom Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans. Our DR specialists can help create DR plans that ensure stability. In fact, stability can be maintained even in the event of an outage.

Hope for the Best. Prepare for the Worst.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) planning are often overlooked until a true disaster occurs. Surprisingly, almost 40% of small businesses must close their doors in a crisis. With our DR planning, we can keep businesses from reaching this point.

With Cloud Technologies, you’re covered.

Our DR planning will make sure you’re covered. Above all, we believe that protecting your business data is as critical as operating it. In conclusion, all of our backup solutions provide a worry free solutions. We guarantee your business will be prepared if that worst day comes.

Cloud Backup and Disaster RecoveryCloud Backup

Building upon years of innovation and expertise, we’ve designed a time tested backup and recovery system known as Cloud Backup. While exceeding industry standards, Cloud Backup completes a backup every 15 minutes that can be fully customized. In the event your physical server becomes inaccessible, Cloud Backup ensures you have a full working copy of all the data from the latest backup, therefore preventing downtime and creating a cheaper alternative to rebuilding the server. As a result, Disaster recovery is quicker, easier, cheaper, and more complete in the virtual world.


Offsite ReplicationOffsite Replication

In addition to our comprehensive data protection program, we also offer offsite data replication. Because of the Cloud Technologies data replication process, you are able to recover data over any internet connection while storing a virtual version of your  physical server in the cloud. Also, your data is transferred to the cloud datacenter using 256-bit advanced encryption standard, which is the toughest code to crack; so, with our offsite data replication, your data is secure end-to-end.

Flexible Environment

Offsite replication creates a flexible environment consequently offering greater amounts of recover-ability and business continuity while also reducing infrastructure needed for remote offices. Also, our vast network of data centers ensures redundancy and stability of your data, therefore giving your company the highest level of data protection and privacy. Speak with one of our representatives today about integrating offsite replication into your company.


Cloud Technologies believes in covering all the bases. Our BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery Server) allows you to virtualize your production servers from any backup. If your production server experiences a hardware failure and is inoperable, you will not have to wait to fix it before getting back to business. Run the server on the BDR virtually so you can get back to work. Once the server has been repaired or replaced you can restore the server back from the virtual instance. Minimal downtime keeps your business running and customers happy.

Offsite Virtualization

We also have the ability to virtualize your offsite backup. This allows you to have a working copy of your server from the most recent replicated backup. It runs in the Cloud and can be configured to be accessed remotely. In the event of a disaster, this becomes a tool that you do not want to be without!

Let’s chat about your data protection needs. Contact us to learn more about our virtualization services.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Pricing

Backup with DAS

Direct Attached Storage
  • Enterprise Backup Software
  • Recover Data (File & Folder Level)
  • Recover Data (Entire Disc or Volume)
  • Restore to Same or Dissimilar Hardware
  • Virtualize from backup in the Cloud
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Monitoring & Technical Support
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BDR Server

Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise Backup Software
  • Recover Data (File & Folder Level)
  • Recover Data (Entire Disc or Volume)
  • Restore to Same or Dissimilar Hardware
  • Virtualize from backup locally
  • Virtualize from backup in the Cloud
  • Storage Server with Redundant Storage
  • Monitoring & Technical Support
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Backup and Disaster Recover Highlights

While in unstable environments, we'll keep your data safe and secure

Always On Technology

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery services are available and operational 24/7/365. We take pride in knowing that your data will always be safe and secure in the event of a disaster.

Completely Redundant

Redundancy should be the nature of disaster recover and backup plans. While sticking true to our word, we thought it necessary to also ensure that our Backup and DR solutions are redundant as well.


Uptime Guarentee

All of our services are backed with a 99.98% uptime guarantee, because we know that it is mission critical for your Backup and DR services to remain operational no matter the circumstance.

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