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Why Should I Use an Independent Telecom Partner Instead of a Direct Carrier Representative?

Posted by ctiadmin on 10 07 2017. 0 Comments

When it is time to purchase phone and internet service you have two options! You can go directly through your local service provider or you can contact an Independent Telecom Partner. Many businesses think dealing directly with the service provider is the correct answer. Before picking up the phone to call your…

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Multi-Factor Authentication, Why should we use it?

Posted by ctiadmin on 19 04 2017. 0 Comments

Technology changes at a very fast pace. Users struggle to keep up, but hackers seem to always find the vulnerability in the system to cause havoc on the network. One of the most common vulnerabilities are passwords and how easy it is to crack them to gain access to network…

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Posted by ctiadmin on 15 03 2017. 0 Comments

Contact: Brad McLean, Cloud Technologies, Inc. 205.484.2400 [email protected]         Cloud Technologies, Inc. Partners With Master Agent to Offer Nationwide Telecom Services Across Multiple Carriers   Recent Partnership Agreement Gives Greater Flexibility in Selling High Speed Internet and Private Networks For Mid-Size to Large Customers   Birmingham, Ala., March 15, 2017 – Cloud Technologies, Inc. (, a Birmingham, Ala.-based technology company, announced…

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WAN Access has Many Options Available

Posted by ctiadmin on 14 03 2017. 0 Comments

March 14, 2017 by: Jeff Freeman, VP of Technology at Cloud Technologies Companies that connect all their locations together will utilize a Wide Area Network (WAN) to handle the traffic between sites. The most popular WAN out there today is MPLS, but it does have some competition that will soon be a…

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Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle

Posted by ctiadmin on 07 03 2017. 0 Comments

Microsoft publishes their end of support lifecycle dates and they are freely available on their website. We have created a table of some of the most common Operating Systems and Office Suite dates for you to review in one place. It is very important to make sure you keep your…

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More Bandwidth and Lower Costs

Posted by ctiadmin on 27 02 2017. 0 Comments

The cost of high speed internet access has steadily declined over the past decade. Many businesses purchase bandwidth on a 36 month contractual basis and rarely revisit the cost unless it become a necessity. Cloud Technologies has partnered with many companies that are nearing the end of a contract. We…

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Exchange Server Onsite versus Office 365

Posted by ctiadmin on 20 02 2017. 0 Comments

February 20, 2017 by: Jeff Freeman, VP of Technology   We are often asked to compare the difference between installing an Exchange Server at the corporate office versus utilizing Office 365 in Microsoft’s Cloud. Exchange Server is Microsoft’s email server platform and is used for businesses to collaborate and exchange information in several…

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Why it is Time to Upgrade Your Firewall

Posted by ctiadmin on 06 02 2017. 0 Comments

by: Jeff Freeman, VP of Technology February 1, 2017   A website becomes encrypted through the addition of a secure socket layer (SSL). This is a protocol that uses a cryptographic system to keep data sent over the internet private. You can usually tell that a website is encrypted when you see the…

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Be Ready for Disaster Recovery with Cloud Backup

Posted by ctiadmin on 31 01 2017. 0 Comments

Large and Small companies are looking to leverage the capabilities of the cloud to enhance the recoverability of their infrastructure   Cloud Technologies BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery Server) Cloud Technologies BDR solution offers the backup and recovery capabilities that will keep you prepared for disaster recovery events when they happen. Being able to…

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