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Managing Security & Assesing Risk

Security of the network and the data that it contains is crucial to the operation of your business. The increasing risk of ransomware and other viruses have a potential to shut down your business and put your customers at risk. Cloud Technologies takes security very seriously and we want to ensure your network is protected. Our approach to protecting your environment is by using synchronized security where all your devices talk to each other and know if one is infected or misbehaving. This approach can detect an infection in a matter of seconds versus minutes or hours. And in the case of security, time matters. Our team of IT Professionals will help you establish a security heartbeat among all your networked devices.

IT Security Services FAQ's

Here is a few things you might like to know about Cloud Technologies IT Security Services
What is a security heartbeat?

A security heartbeat is where each networked device talks to a central security appliance. They keep it informed of their health status. If a device reports that it is infected, the security appliance isolates the device and attempts to clean it. The security device also informs all of the other networked devices that one is infected.

How can a network security audit help me?

A network security audit will scan your network and look for common vulnerabilities. It will give you a good insight to assist you in locking down your network to make it less vulnerable.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a virus that infects a computer and encrypts the files on it. Once the files are encrypted the virus will ask for crypto currency to purchase an unlock file. The virus has become malicious over the years by spreading to company servers and other computers.

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