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Why Should I Use an Independent Telecom Partner Instead of a Direct Carrier Representative?

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When it is time to purchase phone and internet service you have two options! You can go directly through your local service provider or you can contact an Independent Telecom Partner.

Many businesses think dealing directly with the service provider is the correct answer.

Before picking up the phone to call your carrier, here are 4 things you must know:

#1 Who does the Independent Partner Represent?

A direct carrier sales representative has one job and one job only: sell their company’s services. That’s it. That’s what they get paid to do. Remember: just because “representative” is in the job title, that doesn’t mean they’re representing you.

When you choose to get your telecom services through an independent agent, you won’t get a sales pitch. What you get instead is the freedom of choice.

The reason you get a better selection is that independent partners don’t deal with just one supplier—they deal with dozens.

#2 Better Customer Support with an Independent Partner

How important is customer support to your business?

When you hire the services of an independent telecom agent, customer support is what you get. Because agents don’t have to provide the telecom services themselves, they can focus their attention on giving your business the support it needs.

From carrier selection to implementation, your independent agent will be there by your side to guide and support you as you make some of the most important decisions for your business’s future.

Some independent partners offer additional service like network design and monitoring. Having a team of network professionals looking out for your best interest is a valuable commodity.

#3 Independent Partners Provide Unbiased Information

As previously stated, independent partners do not represent a single service provider. They deal with carriers all the time. They can share their knowledge about a certain carrier of service that you may not be aware of.

This degree of separation allows independent telecom partners to be impartial, which is necessary if you want to find the service provider that will help your business grow the most. In fact, your independent telecom partner will consider your company’s situation and needs and give you suggestions so that you can make the best decision. They will even provide multiple quotes so you can shop the best price.

#4 Open Lines of Communication with an Independent Partner

When you purchase your telecom services from a direct carrier service representative, you can easily become just another number. Not so with an independent partner.

Because independent telecom partners provide direct carriers with a lot of business, they have a direct line of communication with each carrier and can get things done for you more easily. All you have to do is call your partner about a problem with your service, and your partner will solve it for you, sometimes dealing directly with senior level management at your selected service carrier.

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