Spam Filtering

In addition to many other solutions, we also provide clients with flexible and affordable business solutions through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems.

Email Protection

Cloud Mailprotect is a robust email management system. It is a complete hosted anti-spam, email security and continuity service. Additionally, it works with any email system and can be quickly setup. It boasts the best filtering of unwanted or harmful messages. Also noteworthy, users have the ability to access and respond to email even when their own email infrastructure is offline. The solution is customizable, simple to deploy, and very easy to maintain.


Management Features

  • Network Defense
  • Continuity
  • Zero-Hour Virus Protection
  • Inbound & Outbound Spam Filtering
  • Intuitive web-based Control Panel
  • Individual junk mail digests
  • Configurable user preferences
  • Message logging & search

Spam Filtering at its Finest

Keeping you and your company's vital communication method secure is our primary goal.

Cloud MailProtect Pricing

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