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Be Ready for Disaster Recovery with Cloud Backup

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Large and Small companies are looking to leverage the capabilities of the cloud to enhance the recoverability of their infrastructure


Cloud Technologies BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery Server)

Cloud Technologies BDR solution offers the backup and recovery capabilities that will keep you prepared for disaster recovery events when they happen.

Being able to virtualize your servers on the BDR or Virtual Environment gives you the flexibility to keep everything up and running even in the event of a hardware failure. Using the same virtualization technology also allows you to virtualize in the Cloud to give you even greater flexibility in recovering quickly when a disaster occurs.

Companies using this service can realize the following benefits:

  • Point in time Recovery: Recovery to any point in time within seconds of data loss
  • Performance: Ability to choose from multiple storage and dedicated compute options
  • Scalability: Start Small and scale up or down as needed
  • Application consistency: Recovery of complex applications running across multiple virtual machines and restoration to any point in time in minutes
  • Non-Disruptive Testing: testing with no impact to production
  • Cost Effectiveness: save money with lower downtime and quicker recoverability
  • Head Start Restore: keep a restore running in the background to give you a head start in recovering

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