Cloud Services

At Cloud Technologies, Inc. we have the ability, through our vast network of internet service providers, to be your single source of cloud services, offering Desktops and Servers.

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You’ll Love our Cloud Servers and Desktops

Moving your IT infrastructure to a cloud solution with Cloud Technologies will help you eliminate those expensive maintenance and upgrade costs that are usually associated with technology. Cloud servers and desktops have never been cheaper or easier to migrate to, and we believe your business will greatly benefit from moving to a cloud based solution with us.


Offering both Cloud Servers and Cloud Desktop solutions, we feel confident we can meet your business requirements at an effective price-point.

Cloud Servers

Reliable. Scalable. Affordable.

Cloud Technologies’ virtual servers are scalable, meaning that as you grow, your capacity grows. We utilize the latest virtualization technology, which is configured to your exact specifications.


Cloud Desktops

Maintainable. Safe. Secure.

Offering cloud desktop solutions that maximize returns, increase productivity, and cut down on repetitive set-ups and installs. Make expanding IT infrastructure and personnel effortless and affordable.


Cloud Server and Desktop Features

Moving to the cloud brings major benefits to the growing business



Cloud based solutions lend you the ability to grow or shrink with your business model. There is no need to invest heavily in aging technology when using cloud solutions.


Cloud solutions offer the ability to create truly redundant IT hardware for your organization. If you’re having server or desktop issues, you can launch new ones within minutes.


Cloud servers and desktops offer security benefits such as isolated data. In cloud solutions, little to  no sensitive data resides in your local network, making data breaches less likely.

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