Business VPN Connectivity

At Cloud Technologies, Inc. we have the ability, through our vast network of internet service providers, to be your single source for high speed internet anywhere in the United States

Business VPN Solutions

Most large network solutions in telecom are often very complicated and technical, requiring expertise and skill to design. The Cloud Technologies Engineering Department provides clients with that much-needed help to advise and engineer solutions. Cloud Engineering utilizes a Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) for each complex network design.

Business VPN

Explore the different types of connectivity that can benefit your business. We have many types of internet options available.

Backup Internet

Internet connectivity is a must in today’s technology age. A 3G/4G or Satellite backup connection can keep you covered.

Why Choose Us?

Our patented carrier research technology and seasoned telecom experts will help you through the provider selection process.

VPN and Network Option Highlights

With a wide range of features, we know you'll be prepared to manage your business growth


Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

A secure VPN service that provides a private network that can consolidate all your business applications and locations onto a single private network.

MPLS VPN Service

MPLS Networks allow businesses to connect all your locations on a single private network. The network is fully meshed to allow each location a direct path to another. An MPLS Network delivers predictable application performance, security & scalability and makes an ideal solution for businesses with multiple


  • Class of Service –  allowing you to prioritize business-critical applications such as Voice (VoIP), video or virtual desktops.
  • Security – private routing domains and secure internet gateways that protect your network resources
  • Fully Managed – our solutions are completely managed and monitored so that this complex solution can provide you a robust experience without the knowledge or experience in house.


  • Class of Service (COS) is a way of prioritizing network traffic that is tagged with a specific classification. An example would be to tag Voice traffic and then prioritizing it ahead of other types of traffic. This will ensure that this time-sensitive traffic is delivered ahead of other traffic that is not time-sensitive like web surfing.
  • Traffic Tagging is a way to identify different types of network traffic. Voice traffic can be tagged with a unique identifier so that the router will be able to distinguish it from other types of traffic. The router can then prioritize it based on the tag.
  • Private Routing is how MPLS delivers a secure and private network to your business. By using only private IP address space you can rest assured that your internal network will be segregated from other enterprise and public internet traffic.


  • Comprehensive Unified Threat Management
  • Managed Firewall Included
  • (BYOS) Bring Your own Service – use your existing internet service and add our firewall to join in the MPLS Cloud.
  • Optimized Bandwidth Control to lower bandwidth usage and accelerate speed for mission critical applications
  • Redundant Connections for 100% SLA. 3G & 4G failover to assure you are always connected.

P2P (Point to Point)

  • Data link between two locations. Typically, a Layer 2 Connection.
  • Provides symmetrical bandwidth for each location.
  • Gives the user an experience as though both locations are on the same LAN.

SD WAN (Software Defined Cloud Optimized Wide Area Network)

  • Create your own MPLS network using your existing internet connections.
  • Real Time Visibility to see the exact applications running at every location including bandwidth usage.
  • Centralized Management of geographically dispersed resources. Gives simplified control over the network applications, locations & users.
  • Dynamically route traffic over multiple active/active connections based on custom business policies and real-time metrics.
  • Redundant Connections for 100% SLA. 3G & 4G failover to assure you are always connected.

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