Satellite and 3G/4G Backup Internet

No business should be without internet connectivity. For this reason, we highly recommend a solution for backup internet. At Cloud Technologies, we have the ability to provide you high speed no matter your location.

Backup Internet Can Keep You Going

3G and 4G Wireless Internet

In the event of your primary internet outage, using 3G/4G as backup internet can be effective. Private wireless 3G and 4G internet access is a cost effective alternative to T1 access. It enables quick deployment of locations and provides for greater resiliency when used in a back-up configuration with existing high-speed access.

Satellite Internet

Choosing satellite as a backup internet solution is effective in rural areas. Satellite Internet has evolved over the past few years and is better than ever. Many businesses choose satellite internet as a backup or primary because of its accessibility all over the world.

Cloud Technologies + Exede Business Solutions

A partnership that brings value and added features to Cloud Technologies

Cloud + Exede Business and Backup Internet

Exede Business Internet, available in many areas across the U.S. – including rural communities without many options for high-speed DSL or cable – provides 15 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload speeds for Internet and cloud connectivity. With Exede Internet as a primary service, Cloud Technologies can fill in coverage gaps – or use Exede to provide a reliable, affordable continuity service in the event of a service disruption with a primary provider.

Exede Business is another example of ViaSat’s ability to engineer creative solutions that provide fast, cost-efficient, secure and high-performance connections to virtually any location. In addition to Exede high-speed Internet for consumers, the company offers worldwide mobile satellite services, including global tracking and messaging as well as high-speed in-flight internet; satellite broadband networking systems; Wi-Fi and other hotspot operations, support, and management systems; network-centric military communication systems for the U.S. and allied governments; cybersecurity; and communication system design.

Exede by ViaSat

Exede Business is a tailored solution for the unique needs of the business owner who needs a robust internet service plan. They provide commercial satellite internet with prioritized maintenance and commercial support. They feature high speeds and data allowances plus a persistent IP address, which supports services such as remote LAN access, secure Virtual Private Network and other business applications.

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