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Why it is Time to Upgrade Your Firewall

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by: Jeff Freeman, VP of Technology

February 1, 2017


A website becomes encrypted through the addition of a secure socket layer (SSL). This is a protocol that uses a cryptographic system to keep data sent over the internet private. You can usually tell that a website is encrypted ssl lock on browserwhen you see the green padlock in the address bar of your browser. SSL is meant to protect us, but has literally created a blind spot in network security. It is being used by cyber criminals to exploit networks all over the world.

The Problem:

A firewall inspects network traffic that is broken into small pieces called packets. It will allow or deny access depending on the status of the packet that it inspects. The problem that legacy firewalls have is that they can’t inspect encrypted traffic. They see that it is encrypted and pass it on through. Encrypted traffic across the internet is increasing dramatically each day causing this issue to become a problem.

SSL Encryption Facts:

  1. Approximately 50% of internet traffic will be encrypted by 2018
  2. Google announced that encryption factored into search engine rankings. This encouraged web developers to encrypt their sites in droves.
  3. Legacy firewalls have a 0% chance of protecting the network against exploits that are encrypted
  4. Cyber criminals are hiding attacks behind encryption because most security appliances cannot protect it.

The Solution:

SonicWALL Announces the Next Generation Firewall

Deep Packet Inspection of Secure Socket Layer (DPI-SSL) extends SonicWALL’s Deep Packet Inspection technology to allow for the inspection of encrypted HTTPS traffic and other SSL based traffic. The SSL traffic is decrypted transparently, scanned for threats and then re-encrypted and sent along to its destination if no threats or vulnerabilities are found. DPI-SSL provides additional security, application control, and data leakage prevention for analyzing encrypted HTTPS and other SSL-based traffic.dpi-ssl

SonicWALL offers DPI-SSL in all its next generation products. The products are cost effective and no longer so expensive that a small business can’t afford it. It is time to upgrade your legacy firewall. Some of our clients have opted to use the Firewall as A Service option to forego large upfront capital expenditures and take advantage of a monthly payment option.  Cloud Technologies has partnered with SonicWALL as a solutions provider.


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