At Cloud Technologies, we offer deep partnership. Consider us invested completely in your success and operation. We enhance performance without taxing resources, design precise solutions, and increase capacity without requiring expensive infrastructure changes. Our ultimate goal is to remove barriers and facilitate growth; we accomplish this by administering a thorough needs assessment followed by strategic recommendations. We believe that only one thing is certain about technology – there are no fixed solutions. And this belief guides us to continually learn, improve, adapt, and educate ourselves about our rapidly emerging field, so that we can give clients targeted, managed services at affordable rates. When it’s all said and done, our passion is helping small businesses (much like our own) compete and flourish in their respective industries. We don’t do big business, we do personal service.

Mission Statement

Cloud Technologies is a team of Information Technology professionals dedicated to providing superior customer support and delivering savings to your bottom line. We are focused on providing solutions that will help your business grow and thrive in today’s complex IT environment. We provide a complete focus on customer service and deliver everything your business needs to stay connected.