The work from home environment is widespread and being used by large, mid and small size businesses. The security risks are there and every business owner needs to pay attention to how users are connecting. One of your most valuable assets is your data and cyber thiefs are after it with a vengence. Another form of ransomware we are seeing is an oldy and a goody. DDOS Attacks! Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. This is where someone bombards your internet connection with so much traffic that it stops you from being able to use it. Once they have it flooded, they will reach out to you and demand payment to stop. This type of attack has been around since the late 1990’s. Check out the Network Security Webinar we did for more detailed information.

Network Security Webinar, January 12, 2021

Passcode: ^bSz18yC


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

In many companies and organizations, limited internet speed is a large barrier. Hybrid cloud solutions allows you to leverage enterprise level services and speed, in order to allow your workforce to work remotely, without being hinderd by slow internet speeds on the remote users end.

Connect remote users to offices with a hybrid cloud

Having a private cloud withing your organizations office, and leveraging Cloud Tech's secure cloud will allow you to create optimal work environments both in office and remote.